Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4


I had some ADORABLE shots of Princess Pudding terrorizing Prince Wild I was planning to use, then, lol – sorry know I shouldn’t laugh before I get to the punch line but seriously… lol, Prince Zoo threw the most Bob-Awful fit because I would not let him watch a movie since he refused to help clean up. His fit consisted of slamming doors, yelling that no one loves him, and ((lol – my favorite)) that he is running away to join the army. lol. Seriously? You don’t get your way so you want to go join the ARMY??? lol. Anyhoos, I got a good sneaky picture of him in his room “packing.” Today’s photo has absolutely no editing except the action I applied. No step-by-step or even generals to give you on this one.

SOOC – Prince Zoo, January 4, 2011

Edit – On The Spot Studio’s Sweet Vintage from her Sweet and Low action set.

Click them for the full size, especially the edit. The shrinkage to fit the blog leaves a lot to be desired.

Be sure to check back Friday for info on my next contest!!! The next four contests will end with a prize that a kiddo can wear. ;o)

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