Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting everything set up!

OK, hi all and welcome to Tutus and Sneakers!
This will be my 365 Photos blog, and I’ll also run weekly photo contests. I’m in the process of looking for people to help sponsor the contests. I’ll also be more than glad to offer ad space on the side of the blog to people who have business based in photography related things, and women who run their own stores (non-photo related). If you’re interested send me an email at with your button, a link to your site, and a little about what you do. If you’re interested in sponsoring a contest please let me know, if you’d like I can even have you as a guest judge for the contest.
Please, pass on the link to the blog! I’d love to get as many people interested as possible. :o)
A little about me:
I’m the Mom Queen. A young stay-at-home mom and photo-taking junkie. I have three kids, Prince Zoo, Prince Wild, and Princess Pudding.

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