Monday, December 20, 2010

Preview Day 3 (an entry)

OK – so I’m editing this photo today for an entry to the Paper Mama’s Winter Photo Contest.
The Paper Mama
This photo is actually from February 2010, but a. I live in the South, have some pity on me, we don’t get it looking like winter too often outside and b. no SOOC shot, I was computerless at that point so I’m lucky to even have this version of the photo – and it has to be one of my favorite snow shots of the boyos ever.
Original I have – Prince Zoo & Prince Wild February 2010 (last photo is entry)
Editing: apply texture at 40% opacity and blending mode of Color Burn, add gradient layer of 100% black at edges to 0% black at center, duplicate original photo and add a lens blur of 30 radius then clip into gradient then set gradient to Color Burn at 50%. (click to get full effect)


Oh and back to add my bokeh photo for the Paper Heart Camera Bokeh Photos. :o) Click for full effect – and yeah it leads to my other Flickr account I’m just too lazy to upload it again. lol
Don’t forget to come and enter the Christmas Time photo contest for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate!

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