Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo Contest: Christmas Time

OK, I am so excited to bring you all the very first photo contest on the blog!!
This one will be slightly different than ones to come, for starters you have much longer than just a week to get your entry in, you have until 11:59 pm (CST) January 1st. Also, this one will be randomly drawn with many chances to enter, while later ones will not – they will be winners based on the photos. But since this first contest is mainly to get you all to the blog and get the word out I’m doing it differently. I don’t have any buttons yet so please just make sure you link up the contest in your entry. :o)
This week’s theme is: Christmas Time
It doesn’t have to be actual Christmas Day pictures or such, just a photo dealing with something Christmas related.
Want to know what you’re entering for?? I am so so so excited to tell you that this contest is being sponsored by My Four Hens Photography!! Sarah has very generously offered a $20 gift certificate to her store to the winner of this challenge. Sarah’s actions are just beautiful, and a wonderful tool to have in your photo editing. Not to mention she’s an awesome photographer and just a super sweet lady all around. Here are some of my favorite actions of by her:
I bet you’re wondering how to enter right? Well, here’s how to get your entries:
  • Post your entry to the photo contest on your blog placing a direct link to this photo contest in your blog post. Make sure after you do that you come back and place your entry post into the Linky attached to this post.
  • Become a Follower of the blog, there’s a Followers tab up top under the blog name. (If I’m not already – I’ll follow you back.) Make sure you also click the Follow on the side of the main page of the blog so you’ll be updated about new posts. Along with contests, once a week I’ll walk you through editing a picture.
  • Make sure you become a fan of My Four Hens’ Facebook Fan Page.
  • Follow the blog on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • Comment with what action(s) you would buy with the $20 gift certificate if you win it.
  • Share the link to the blog on Facebook and Twitter and come back and post the link to the post there.
Each of those counts as one entry. BUT NOTE: If you do not do the photo none of your entries will count! Make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry. You can read the few rules I have regarding the photo contests here.
Deadline is January 1, 2011 11:59 pm Central Standard time. 
And lastly, here is my Christmas photo!
I edited it with My Four Hens Nearly Black and White from her Retro Summer collection.


  1. Trish, I'm so excited about your blog! I know exactly what I'm doing when I get home from work today! I already have the perfect picture in mind too!

  2. following the blog, via your linky list, and google reader

  3. If I win, I'd so get the whimsical collection!

  4. These would be awesome to do my brothers Senior pictures in a couple months
    Its hard to choose, I like the The Whimsical Collection and the Blended Action Set

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  6. Posted on my blog:

  7. Following on twitter {KatsCreations23} and fb {princessk316}

  8. I really like the Glory actions.

  9. Posted on twitter {KatsCreations23}

  10. Vintage Elements and Baby Magic are my 2 favorites.

  11. Link on my blog :

  12. Okay, I gave it a shot. Photo on my blog :D

  13. I tried to follow, but it wont let me :(

  14. following you on FB, tried twitter, it said the page does not exist....

  15. With the $20, I'd get Faded Beauty & Little Yummies

  16. Shared on FB!/gwynethrichards/posts/151237544927272

  17. If I won, I would definitely get Fresh Cut Flowers!

  18. If I won $20 to M4H, I would probably get...hmmm...I need more CS5 actions so, Vintage Holiday! I hadn't seen that one! :)