About the Mom Queen

November 2010 - the Mom Queen
My name is Trish (aka The Mom Queen, Mommy, Momma, Hey you! etc). I'm a young mom of three of the most awesome kiddos ev... wait for it... er. There's Prince Zoo (6/15/04), Prince Wild (1/10/06), and Princess Pudding (4/22/09). I'm no professional photographer - just a picture snapping junkie. lol Can't say I even want to be a professional. I don't use a fancy camera, just a Nikon Coolpix P90, yes a point and shoot. Maybe one day I'll get a fancy DSLR, but it's not in the budget at the moment. 
I have three years of Photoshop under my belt, and 1 year of Lightroom, though I still prefer to do most my editing in Photoshop. Other than snapping pictures and my kids, my other love is digital scrapbooking. You can see a pretty complete collection of my layouts in my DigiShopTalk gallery. I also have another blog for my ramblings and day-to-day life, My Life With Two Blues and a Pink.